Remington Sterling Announces New Regional Expansion

November 25 18:45 2020


London, UK – Remington Sterling, a commodity financial firm based in Scotland that focuses on providing innovative financial solutions that can help facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies participating and doing business in emerging and developed markets, is very excited to announce the opening of its newest regional headquarters. The exact location on where this headquarters will be located has yet to be unveiled, but this will surely open up new opportunities to companies looking for innovative financial solutions.

Remington Sterling uncovers great companies with intrinsic potential and fosters lasting relationships by creating value that can help them grow. By tapping into its wealth of experience in the supply chain, finance, and technological expertise, Remington Sterling can cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, improving their cash-flow and securing the debt collection both in domestic and in international markets.

The company’s goal is to create financing structures that can help buy and sell commodities such as agricultural products and metals while mitigating any risks associated with cross-border transactions. The company works closely with various banks, commodity traders, trading houses, and asset management firms.

“We are very excited here at Remington Sterling about our move to the APAC market. We will first offer our services to the Japanese market. We know how important commodities trading is, and we are very pleased to share our expertise and services with everyone. Our company will hit Japan as our first core market in Asia and potentially expand to other regions,” says Jerold Sheppard, CEO of Remington Sterling.

Commodities are an essential aspect of our daily life. A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Traditional examples of commodities include grains, gold, beef, oil, and natural gas. With the help of trade finance, investors can have a diversified portfolio while hedging against inflation and excess positive returns.

Historically, commodities trading requires significant amounts of time, money, and expertise. It is also primarily limited to professional traders. Fortunately, more options are available now to participate in the commodities market. Through Remington Sterling, more investors can experience commodities trading. As of 2020, Remington Sterling also partakes in the trading of physical gold via forward contracts and gold spot trading. This further provides a diversified hedge for investors and enables the firm to provide a stable stream of dividend yield for our investors.

About Remington Sterling

Founded in 2016, Remington Sterling provides financial solutions that facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies doing business in emerging and developed markets.

The company provides structured financing solutions to Commodity Producers, Processors, Trading Houses, and Distributors. Its clients range from large corporations with a global footprint to more specialized firms, trading one or a few commodities in a specific regional market. Remington Sterling utilizes proprietary credit analytics software to identify and participate in low-risk trade finance transactions. In doing so, the company can substantially mitigate the risk of defaults, providing a healthy return to its investors.

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