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December 06 19:36 2019

5 tips for selecting good automotive stamping dies and tooling manufacturer from China!


As you know there are numerous of automotive stamping dies and tooling manufacturer in China. Of cause, high-quality and poor-quality mixed up. So how to selecting good manufacturer from it? 5 tips shared by POWSTAR Group.

1. Experience of serving European & North American customers.

Served your local customer before proved that this manufacturer has and had the ability to provide the qualified stamping tools according to your tooling standard, quality and specific press.  

2. Company History,scale and tryout capability:

Normally speaking, history >10 years, employees >100, tryout capability >1000T and Max CNC machining size>4M in China reflect that this manufacturer is a powerful, competitive and reputable enterprise.

3. Similar project experience and engineering ability:

Similar project experience and strong background engineer team give manufacturer the ability to anticipate potential problems before they even arise.

4. Professional English communication:

Fluent English could ensure no communication obstacle.

5. Lead time guarantee.


In order to help you better understanding how to use the 5 tips, here below we take POWSTAR for example:

Powstar Group:

1. Qualified supplier of Magna, Lear, Ford, BMW etc. Served European(North American) customer more than 15 years. 

2. Founded in 1998 (history 20+), 330 + employees in Tool & Die Facility, tryout capability from 110T to 2000T Max CNC machining size: 6M

3. 57 engineers, 7 of engineers among them with more than 25 years working experience in the stamping die industrial. Our team almost have experienced all kinds of automotive stamping die manufacturing.  

4. Staffed with fluent oral & written English sales team, together with our excellent written English project team, POWSTAR Group could supply immediate communication service at any time.

5. Great teamwork and excellent project management system are the guarantee of project lead time.

Hope the above 5 tips could aid in your automotive stamping dies and tooling manufacturer selecting from China.

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