SensGard is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide

February 06 05:54 2019

SensGard Ear Chamber Hearing Protection
SensGard LLC Protects DIY Consumers from Hearing Loss through Mr. Checkout Distributors

“How To” Protect Your Hearing

SensGard LLC is partnering with Mr. Checkout to bring more options and education to hardware stores across the country. Exposure to loud noise is damaging to the sensitive organs in the inner ear responsible for allowing you to hear. The use of hearing protection when using loud tools and equipment is essential in preventing permanent hearing loss.

OSHA, as an example, requires employers to provide hearing protection to their employees that are exposed to 85 decibels or more of noise, regardless of duration. Many tools used around the home can generate industrial level noise.

Common tools used by the DIY crowd include:

Riding Lawn Mower 90 decibels
Wet/Dry Vacuum 94 decibels
Pressure Washer 100 decibels
Hedge Trimmer 103 decibels
Band Saw 104 decibels
Miter Saw 109 decibels
Chain Saw 110 decibels

Knowledgeable consumers are often seeking to purchase hearing protection that will easily and comfortably reduce loud noises to a safe level, while allowing voices and other useful sounds to be heard clearly.

SensGard provides a sophisticated method of hearing protection, that is highly effective, lightweight and economical. As opposed to attempting to block sound like other hearing protection devices, this technology enables hearing protection from loud sounds by directing the sound energy away from the inner ear. The patented chambers dampen and cancel damaging noise. It’s noise cancellation without batteries or electronics.

“I have tried over the ear muffs, the small orange puffs that fit in the ear. The SensGard Ear Chamber is by far the best I have ever tried. Hands down. They are comfortable and really work well with silencing the loud noise from power tools. They sit on my neck when not in use and the fit perfectly on my head and do not interfere with my safety glasses or dust filter. They work. Plain and simple.”

Why SensGard:

• Protects against damaging noise
• Improves communication
• No batteries required
• Cool and Comfortable

Market research shows that comfort is an important factor when choosing and wearing hearing protection. The SensGard Ear Chamber seats at the outside of the ear canal, giving consumers a third option with ear plugs (in the ear) and ear muffs (over the ear) to find what is most comfortable for them.

Launching in February, SensGard and Mr. Checkout will be educating DIYers as well as retail store owners and employees in a rollout throughout the U.S. The goal is educate consumers on the need to protect their hearing when using power tools and equipment.

The next time you start your do-it-yourself project or purchase a new lawnmower, chainsaw or shop vac, be a knowledgeable consumer and pick up some hearing protection as well.

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