A Waiver App For iPad Introduced To Streamline Signup Process Of Online Waivers

December 25 12:45 2018
The mobile app launched by Waiver Digital is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and can allow businesses to manage online waivers without any difficulty.

Today, people prefer to use their smartphones, tablets, iPad and other devices to carry out various tasks. This is the reason why Waiver Digital decided to design a mobile application that can streamline the waiver signup process. The mobile app is available for devices using both Android and iOS operating systems, and is easy to install as well as simple to use. One can now use their mobile devices to sign up, collect and store digital waivers.

Waiver Digital Brings Waiver App For Collecting Digital Waiver With Custom Choices

The spokesperson of the company states that the time has gone when people used to collect paper waivers and had to struggle with stacks of paper. Instead of paper waivers, managing and storing online waivers are a lot easier. Besides mobile devices, one can use any computer browser to collect waivers electronically. These digital waivers can easily be stored online on a cloud platform. This is not only easy to store, but the waivers are also a part of a searchable database. This enables users to quickly search a waiver, no matter whatever would be the volume of the stored waivers. According to the spokesperson, one can use their user-friendly online waiver creation tool to quickly create a digital waiver from a paper waiver.

Waiver Digital has designed the online waiver system that has many advantages over the traditional paper based waivers. One can add custom fields in the waivers with an objective of collecting specific information from customers. Besides, it’s now also possible to add a signature and initials to the online waiver agreements. The spokesperson states that one can also take photos and can connect them with a customer’s account information. What’s more, one can also add videos to a waiver form by including a YouTube link.

Waiver Digital Brings Waiver App For Collecting Digital Waiver With Custom Choices

The waiver app for iPad introduced by the company brings a lot of convenience and flexibility for a business to speed up the waiver sign up process. Now, one can sign up or collect more numbers of waivers, because of the mobile app for waivers. The mobile application for iPad or Android tablets can also work in the offline mode. In case, the device has lost its internet connection, one can still keep collecting waivers. For this, the person needs to turn on the airplane mode on his phone and can start collecting waivers locally in the offline mode. As soon as the mobile internet connection is restored, one can start uploading the waivers.

The company has created a safe online platform for storing digital waivers. Besides signing up the waivers, one can also collect payments using this online waiver system. They have all safety measures in place to protect data and privacy of the users. Moreover, the subscribers can take advantage of the quick and multilingual support in case of any technical issue arises. They have very affordable subscription plans and business can choose from different plans as per their waiver signup and storage requirement.

One can learn more about the waiver mobile app or the online waiver system by visiting the website https://www.waiverdigital.com.

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Waiver Digital has created an Online Waiver System that helps people get rid of the traditional paper waivers forever. One can set up the digital waivers in 2 minutes and can start signing, collecting and storing waivers using a computer browser of a mobile application.

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