LEBEN Chief Architect Professor Haogang Zhu attended World Internet Conference

November 14 17:00 2018

The fifth World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang on November 6th-10th. Professor Haogang Zhu, as chief architect of LEBEN, was invited to attend this conference and participated in the Forum on “Internet + Public Services: Performance, Collaboration and Innovation” held on November 8th.

LEBEN chief architect Professor Haogang Zhu attended World Internet Conference

This forum has invited local governments and enterprises representatives with innovative practice in the field of “Internet + Public Service”. From the different perspectives such as government and enterprise, they have shared the experience of content innovation and mode transformation of public services in the digital era. Professor Haogang Zhu discussed around the theme “Enhancement of Public Service Performance Driven by the New Technology” with many attendees including Yan Lida, Director of Huawei & Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Chen Shangyi, Chairman of Baidu Technology Committee, Wang Yulin, CEO of Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Shiqi, CEO of 21 Vianet Group Limited Co., Binod Hampapur Rangadore, Executive Vice President of Infosys and so on.

The low circulation of data is one of the main reasons for restricting the development of new technology. We should have a positive attitude towards data just as assets, change the deteriorated qualities of internet from the bottom up to copy and disseminate data and avoid assets loss due to excessive data concentration and excessive copying.

LEBEN chief architect Professor Haogang Zhu attended World Internet Conference

Professor Haogang Zhu mentioned that LEBEN is a technology characterized by “medical knowledge efficient sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”, which integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It aims to change the current situation of “knowledge cannot be effectively shared and utilized” in the medical industry.

Any doctor or medical institution can transform their knowledge, experience or data into smart contracts and share to others in contract store through LEBEN platform. Others can call these smart contracts through our devices or DApp for auxiliary diagnosis and treatment. The whole process is operated in a black box, where distributors no need to worry about data leakage and users don’t have to download and save data.

Currently, LEBEN has implemented intelligent screening for fetal congenital heart disease in China. In an under-developed area with high incidence of fetal congenital heart disease, by connecting the LEBEN platform terminal on its B-mode ultrasound equipment, we can get the local fetal heart ultrasound image, and the images can be real-time compared with others in many hospital databases around the world. After a series of AI operations, the system will output the probability of congenital heart disease the fetus may suffer, and the accuracy of the results is infinitely close to the screening accuracy of hospitals in well-developed areas.

This forum has attracted more than 200 people, including government officials, experts and scholars, business representatives, media journalists and so on. They lively and enthusiastically communicated with each other. The participants fully exchanged the views on technological application, service patterns and institutional mechanism of “Internet + Public Service”, presenting a “think-fest” for the fifth World Internet Conference.


LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge deep sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

LEBEN’s ecological vision is to promote “global medical homogenization” and create a disruptive value system in the medical industry, clearly defining the three main value carriers (knowledge, data, and computing power). LEBEN proposes a “Projection of Thought” system to spread the ontology cognition and the digital world conversion channel. Based on blockchain and smart contract technology, LEBEN builds a value mobile platform, designs a “dual track” monetary economy system, expands medical value series, and provides energy for all links of the medical industry chain. Thus, a continuously flowing and expanding economic cycle system is established. In addition to the multi-links and multi-parties, LEBEN also establishes a complete ecosystem, including empowered ecological layers and innovative ecological layers to form an ecological gravitation. This promotes new models and new forms of business operation to transform and upgrade the medical industry. LEBEN further proposes an open, transparent, efficient, and sustainable development governance system to ensure the reasonableness and justice of multi-party interests and to support its efficient and stable operation.

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