Hubi Global Alliance Recruiting Super Nodes from the World

November 14 16:55 2018

Hubi ( is a global digital asset exchange alliance, the world’s first “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a super node. Hubi’s exclusively 3 major advantages,“Platform + Alliance + Eco-system”, providing global users with a one-stop trading platform of lower entry threshold, better services, higher liquidity.

Hubi Global Alliance(HBGA) is the world’s first “everyone is super node” exchange alliance initiated by Hubi.

I. Advantages of Hubi Exchange Alliance 3.0

1. Minimal Entry Threshold, Everyone is Super Node

Hubi is the world’s first exchange alliance with everyone as super node.. Everyone can have their own exclusive exchange, which can charge exchange fees, list independently and issue coins independently, and can form a consensus with other super nodes in the alliance.

The entry threshold of Hubi exchange alliance is minimal, with wider coverage, realizing everyone is super node

2. Not Simply Site Duplication, Utility Submersive Services

Hubi provides all-inclusive digital asset solutions, let everyone own exclusive digital asset exchange rapidly with lower entry threshold. Currently, Hubi exchange alliance provides the following support for the super nodes:

a. Technical supper, security guarantee, customer service, sharing resource liquidity.

b. “Alliance Super Background” in possession, can secure independent decentralized management and independent operation.

Hubi exchange alliance’s super nodes are not simply site duplication, at the same time, Hubi provides a variety of utility subversive services, for instance, custom-made marketing tools (like candy airdrop, invitation commission rebate, etc.), alliance’s exclusive consultation channel, alliance business school.

3. Alliance Nodes High Consensus, Sharing “Node is Mining”

Hubi pioneered the alliance consensus and the alliance’s eco-dividends, and materialized alliance joint vote to list and alliance node mining. Let each super node obtain the corresponding alliance eco-dividends according to the total amount of tradable HUB held in the node.

II. Hubi established Exchange Eco-System Centered Around HUBI Global Alliance

The Hubi Global Alliance has invested heavily in site construction. At the same time, Hubi has cooperated with many top blockchain companies such as Lianan, BitForce, Face, TokenInsight, etc. in cooperation in security auditing, market making services, data disclosure, and intelligent KYC, aiming to integrate Hubi Global. Alliance as a consortium of exchanges with better service, higher security and liquidity.

In addition, Hubi will also create a Hubi eco-system consists of exchange alliance layer, public chain layer, Dapp layer and eco-layer, to facilitate serving Hubi Global Alliance.

III. HUB Eco-Coin is the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, never distributed for free, bearing eco-benefits, circulation attributes and value consensus.

Usage of HUB Eco-Coin:

1. Exchange Platform Fuel & Rights and Benefits

2. Deposit of Alliance Membership

3. Alliance Joint Vote to List

4. Dividends of Alliance Nodes’ Instant Mining

IV. Hubi Global Alliance Recruiting Global Super Nodes

Nine Major Advantages of HBGA Super Nodes:

1. Exchange’s Independent Operation Authority

The Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is the world’s first exchange of people-based exchanges. Everyone can have its own exclusive exchange, have independent operation authority, can charge exchange fees, independent coin listing and distribution, and will form a consensus with other super nodes in the alliance.

2. World’s Leading Technical Services

HBGA provides a complete infrastructure for Super Nodes, including a great variety of services such as technical frameworks, security systems, order-matching systems, multi-level wallets, independent management background, and back-end server docking. Allow everyone to have an exclusive digital asset exchange with convenience and low entry threshold.

3. Dimensional Brand Marketing

Upon becoming a part of Hubi Global Alliance, you will immediately enjoy Hubi’s powerful brand endorsement and take the lead in the digital currency fad. We provide personalized brand marketing service support for Super Nodes, and share channel resources, including brand exposure, channel breakthrough, and advertisement distribution.

4. Diversified Marketing Tools

HBGA offers a variety of tool-based immersive services, such as: customized marketing tools (such as candy airdrops, invitation commission rebates, etc.), so that Super Node marketing can attain more with less.

5. Alliance Super Background Independent Decentralized Management

HBGA independently develops the world’s leading “Alliance Super Background”, enabling independent decentralized management and operation of each alliance node.

6. Alliance Exclusive Customer Serive

Alliance exclusive customer service provides 24*7 online services with both English and Chinese languages, timely responses to customer issues, regular return visits. Each HBGA super node is matched with a super node manager, providing one-to-one services.

7. Alliance Business School Training

Alliance Business School provides tools, contents, resources, customer support, and a world-class blockchain team to provide training and support so you can operate the exchange with ease!

8. Enjoying Alliance Eco Dividends

Become a HBGA super node, high-consensus alliance nodes, sharing node to mine, and each super node can obtain the corresponding alliance Eco-dividends according to the total amount of tradable HUB held in the node.

9. Sharing Alliance Transaction Depth and Liquidity

HBGA is the world’s first exchange alliance with everyone is a super node. All super nodes can share the depth and liquidity of alliance transactions including Hubi, forming a global trading service ecosystem with huge circulation.

Hubi Global Alliance is recruiting super nodes globally. If you want to join the trend and revolution of exchanges, please don’t miss such great opportunity!

Apply now to become a HBGA Global Super Node, enjoy super discounts, please contact [email protected] for detail, or add our business wechat (Wechat ID: l_zhen1019) It is a global digital asset exchange alliance, the world’s first “Exchange Union Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a super node. The unique three advantages of “Platform + Alliance + Ecology” provide a one-stop trading service platform for global users with entry threshold, better service and greater mobility.

HU Points: As a welfare certificate for establishing the Hubi users ‘equity system, 100% for gift, convertible to HUB Eco-Coin according to a certain ratio.

HUB Eco-Coin: As the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, never distributed for free, bearing eco-benefits, circulation attributes and value consensus.

Hubi VIP Consensus: Consists of HU Points and HUB Eco-Coin, no need of purchasing, just need consensus, instantly enjoy consensus benefits.

Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA): the exchange alliance sponsored by Hubi as the world’s first everyone is a super node

More Details:

Hubi Official Website:

Hubi Official Telegram Group:

Hubi Official QQ Group: 757199968

Hubi Official Wechat Customer Service: HubiGlobal

Premium Project Listing Partnership:

Business Email: [email protected]

Business Wechat: l_zhen1019

Hubi Exchange Alliance ‘Strategic Partners:

Lianan, BitForce, TokenInsight, Face++,,, B91 and other top blockchain institutions.

We welcome more blockchain institutions to become our strategic partners and build the Hubi Exchange Alliance together!

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