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November 14 16:40 2018

Along with turbulence of the cryptocurrency market in recent months, benefits of leverage trading has been increasingly discussed. But how many truly understand such trading mechanisms? In a bear market where profits are lacking, people have tried different products to seek returns from holdings. In this respect, KKcoin stands out with their innovation and reliability.

Why does the bear market cause investors to explore leverage trading? What are the differences between spot and leverage trading? The table below compares spot trading with KKcoin’s leverage trading product, Perpetual Contracts, which clearly outlines advantages:

Exploring KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts

The biggest difference between spot and Perpetual Contracts is that spot trading only allows for single directional trades. With spot trading, investors can only Buy-Long their asset and profit in a bull market; Should markets begin to tank, investors may be stuck with paper losses for a long time in a bear market. Such incidents are common in cryptocurrency due to inflexibility of spot trading mechanisms.

Perpetual Contracts allows both Long/Short trades – investors profit in a downward trending market by shorting assets. Further, it provides leverage (10x, 20x) trading, increasing risks but also magnifying gains. Trading with Perpetual Contracts is more flexible and requires only a small initial capital.

It is common knowledge amongst crypto traders that exchanges each have their own intricacies from risk management, network stability, account bust mechanisms etc. Some platforms are not developed adequately to handle these scenarios resulting in unfair treatment and frustrated users. Having spent time searching for a reliable levearge trading exchange, I came across KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts which proved to match my expectations. The exchange has been reliable, secure and transparent even in the face of extreme market movements, managed properly via pre-defined procedures. Investors are able to liquidate positions at all times.

The table below provides a comparison of popular leverage trading products in the market. You will observe that each exchange manages operations differently in many ways:

Exploring KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts

Different products utilize different mechanisms to manage risks. With Perpetual Contracts, KKcoin goes above and beyond existing standards by protecting investors via price and position limits, restricting effects of market manipulators. Deep liquidity also allows positions to be settled quickly. KKcoin has proven to be genuine, standing out with its Perpetual Contracts trading model, reliability and low transaction fees as key advantages. Traders are able to hold their positions for as long as they wish (subject to sufficient margin) at no additional cost until they are satisfied with returns.

Since the middle of 2018, cryptocurrency markets have faced a constant downward trend and investors are struggling to avoid losses. Many are turning towards leverage trading to prevent further depreciation. Per numbers posted by OKEx and BitMEX, leverage trading volumes have doubled month on month, representing future opportunities in the exchange industry.

As a professional trading platform, KKcoin leads the industry with its security and risk control mechanisms, along with a comprehensive support center that outlines detailed information. Perpetual Contracts further enables users to profit even with a small capital through leverage up to 20x. With both Web and Mobile App (iOS & Android) support, the trading experience is guaranteed to be convenient and seamless!

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